Traveling Inward to Come Out: Part 7


After yesterday, there are still a handful of arguments that non-affirming Christians may still make to condemn homosexuality.

1) So okay, then at the very least the practice of same sex intercourse is wrong. I admit that they can find forgiveness but only if they turn from their wicked ways. If God wants his people to not live or practice a life like those around them and clearly calls out same sex behavior as an indicator of that lifestyle, then LGBTQ people must denounce their lifestyle in order to become Christian… in order to be saved.

The fact is, my sexual attraction and committed same sex sexuality has nothing to do with the historical context of Bacchus, Aphrodite, or the lustful orgies used in their celebration. My desire for companionship and commitment has nothing to do with a pagan ritual, lust, or immoral intention. Furthermore, I have the desire to know God and to make him known. I have a heart for His kingdom. Like David, I am imperfect and have and will make mistakes. Yet, I have confidence that because my relationship with God is built on faith and the condition of my heart, the punishment for my sins isn’t death like the law says, but life and God’s favor. David is a good example here because, despite his major flaws, he still held God’s favor. He had a man killed so that he could marry Bathsheba, and he had more wives and concubines than the law allowed a king to have, yet he didn’t have to divorce Bathsheba or reject all of the children he had with his wives in order to live and die in God’s favor… wouldn’t the same hold true for you, me, and other Christians, including other LGBTQ followers of Christ…?

I have been taught to seek God first and everything else will sort itself out. The idea is, if I put my heart in the right place, God will instruct me in the matters of his will.

So even if being gay is wrong (I do not believe that the bible supports such logic, but even if…) A change in action does not supersede a change in heart…


2) Christians shouldn’t do what the pagans do, and Paul clearly states that the Pagans participate in same sex action…

By this logic then, divorce, eating a mixture of meats or meat with dairy (hamburgers with bacon or cheese on them would be a good example), women sitting in church without their heads covered, or even women speaking out in church should likewise be condemned.

We have enough sense to see where these teachings had cultural purposes outside of our own, we should have enough sense to see how Paul’s mention of a specific kind of same sex act would have cultural purposes and meaning outside of our knowledge and culture. And if not, than we must equally treat a person that does any of these things the same way we treat LGBTQ Christians.

Honestly, I believe we hold on to punitive interpretations of the bible when it comes to LGBTQ people because it is something that a large number of Christians don’t understand.  Christians hold on to these punitive measures to save face, not out of the genuine concern for LGBTQ people’s eternal life.

But we know that Christ didn’t care about looking bad; he hung around the poor, spoke to prostitutes, gathered around the sick/unclean, gave hope to those of low status, interacted with addicts and drunks…

So even if you still believe an LGBTQ lifestyle is sinful, why the stiff arm? Why the rejection and stigma?

At the very least, I know I could have used a lot more love, care, and attention instead of silence, isolation, abuse, and social stigma. And in case you forgot, I experienced all of these things before I ever had a same-sex attraction, and way before I ever thought about engaging in same-sex interaction…







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