What does it mean to be other?

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What Does It Mean to Be Other[1]?

Worth less.[2]




On the flip side, some have called it “refreshing.[5]

[1] The categories of the other include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-male or mostly non-male genders
  • Non-hetero or mostly non-hetero sexualities
  • Non-white or mostly, even partially non-white races and ethnicities
  • Low to middle class, or having an origin strongly rooted in low to middle class experience


[2] With a space… but many people want to insist, or they simply assume there is not a space and we are also worthless.

[3] I have nothing to say.

[4] Being vulnerable is not being able to stare into the mirror. You think it is because of your acne scars but the real reason for this comes from somewhere else.

[5] Like a Margarita or Mai Tai, Others are exotic flavors collected from vacations and captured in drunken Instagram photos or dumb Tweets involving taco bowls or the like.


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