The Label of White #2

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The label White, in and of itself, is not right[1]. Not even when attempting to call it out.

What I mean is this:

  • Most people seem to assume that the natural ending point for reversing White Privilege would be a magnetic shift, a reversing of the poles, and surely “this is not useful either.” This is where the fear of ‘reverse’ racism arises. It is, however, just a fear, not a viable, statistical, logical, or even semantic actuality. The fear that poles can shift, that those in power can lose it and those not in power can rise up and become even more oppressive, is used to create stasis. This stasis is even seen and felt in the well-meaning advocates of social justice.

[1] the definition of the term here should be “morally good or justified.” The definition of “true or correct” also works…



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