The Label of White #4

Political Discussion, Uncategorized

The label White, in and of itself, is not right[1]. Not even when attempting to call it out.

What I mean is this:

  • White is a term of convenience. It allows for the whitewashing of accepted outside groups to be absorbed into the power-holding force we call White. It allows for the maintenance of organizational structure and status. It insures that the power-holding group will not be out-numbered or taken over, but also allows for the disenfranchisement of these absorbed peoples upon whim, through the claims of “not being white enough,” or “not truly white.[2]

[1] the definition of the term here should be “morally good or justified.” The definition of “true or correct” also works…

[2] Often I’ve heard a version of these accusations come from the mouth of the self-obsessed U.S. citizen, claiming that one person or another is “not American enough,” or “not truly American,” and should do something like show proof of their birth certificate.  If these people are really seeking truth and want to be right, and for that matter, do justice to their point, they should request to see their tribal identification card. Yet, I doubt that’s what they mean.


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