Avenues of Sameness

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  • I’ve said this already, but I hold privilege too[1]. In order to lay claim to my fair share of social currency and shed my disenfranchisement, I reject the idea that this privilege must be White. Claiming it as a White phenomenon single-handedly strips away whatever (little or lot) of privilege anyone Other may have. And in order for the collective us to be able to have real discussions of what privileges are fair and unfair, we need to move on to a discussion of Homogenous Privilege, the idea that we grant and gain access to power through avenues of sameness.[2]

[1] This is not because some polls consider Hispanic/Latino as White, but rather, despite that fact.

[2] The road rules managing avenues of sameness are what cause school children and adults alike to justify unkind and inhuman treatment directed toward someone that doesn’t acknowledge, can’t follow, doesn’t know, or chooses to ignore these unspoken, capricious rules. The sorrow of the Other is not caused by racism, sexism, heteronormativity, or classism, but by the overabundance and ever-changing set of micro and macro rules governing these avenues.


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