Let’s All Get Vulnerable

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Instead of being alienated from the discussion of White[1] Privilege, the separate phenomenon of racism, sexism, hetero-sexism, and classism are suddenly interconnected and understood as symptoms of homogenous privilege and thinking. Our separate discussions about race, sex, class, etc. can continue, but they can also find a collective origin and, in turn, the possibility for real solutions that fix these pandemics.

  • It may sound like I am advocating for the elimination of differences where differences should be celebrated. To be sure, I am not. When it comes to power and privilege, differences should be minimized as a way to allow for the celebration of differences; this is because one cannot celebrate all the ways one is different when these differences are used to silence or restrict one’s voice.
  • We need to remember that privilege has no room for vulnerability whereas, the experience of the Other is vulnerable without option[2]. So let’s all get vulnerable…

[1] White is a floodwall built out of fear. Even worse, these floodwalls are continually built (at great expense) around societies sitting on such high ground that even if on the off chance there is a highly unusual level of water, the real threat of a flood would be a statistical improbability.

[2] I’m confused by liberal, artsy intellectualism that tries to sterilize itself, or repress a prejudice with comments or attitudes that say “I thought I had myself covered;” its this idea that we can purge any and everything rotten and greedy and corruptible in ourselves and become a purified, righteous defender of all things right…I say, trying to purge one’s self from things like racism or sexism misses the point. It’s not the purge or the purification that is the end goal, it’s embracing an imperfect vulnerability, one that doesn’t try to say something about things like racism or sexual discrimination with the hope of being right. Instead, its about accepting, acknowledging, and embracing the threat of vulnerability which is a new experience for the privileged but the everyday mode of operation for the Other.


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