I am an artist with a whole practice approach to creating. I believe that materials must speak to concept, context, and artistic intent. Much of my work focuses on issues of identity, sexuality, and perception.

I am currently pursuing and expanding a community / public art project in El Paso, TX entitled Desert Body. Images and indexing materials can be found @ the link below.

Desert Body Index and Information Link

I also have a book available on Amazon/Kindle entitled Post-Other Age: A Manifesto. 

Amazon Link

This 32 page treatise calls us all to examine how Homogenous Privilege mediates and controls our life. It explains our current age as an “epoch that is Post-Other,” meaning an age where intense discussions that push beyond the reinforcement of normative power structures need to happen.

“Post-Other” as a term, means a departure from, and a distrust in, the grand theories and ideologies that are used to understand, explain, interact, and judge the “other.”

This work of writing challenges artists, social advocates, and thinkers alike to reject the cycle of problematic modes of relationship and interaction between normative and non-normative groups. He simultaneously challenges his reader to examine the social elements that surround normative and non-normative groups while making art that participates in meta-conversations with one’s understandings of gender, race, sexuality and other generalities of identity. While some have challenged the stance this book takes toward psychoanalysis, it is the overall tone and sentiment of this work that I feel is relevant and important.

Also feel free to check out the following pages:


BlueCanvas Artist Profile

You can contact me via email: mtmvillarreal@gmail.com


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