The Witch Hunt

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Currently, the Other must reject their personage and their perspective to participate in artistic discussion (like they must do in order to participate in power). Whoever they are, whatever gender, ethnicity, culture, subculture, or other they are, they must put on the jacket, mask or monocle of the white-hetero-male-gaze and see, express, and be ever present in society’s self-reflection. They must see themselves filtered trough the self-portraits of the past and anything that does not fit within the reflective silhouette of these past portraits is a weakness, and is either silenced, purged, or used against one in the witch hunt.

Make no mistake, we are not a society above or beyond ludicrous panic. We still hunt for, sometimes put on trial, but always hang, burn, or drown our witches.


What does it mean to be other?

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What Does It Mean to Be Other[1]?

Worth less.[2]




On the flip side, some have called it “refreshing.[5]

[1] The categories of the other include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-male or mostly non-male genders
  • Non-hetero or mostly non-hetero sexualities
  • Non-white or mostly, even partially non-white races and ethnicities
  • Low to middle class, or having an origin strongly rooted in low to middle class experience


[2] With a space… but many people want to insist, or they simply assume there is not a space and we are also worthless.

[3] I have nothing to say.

[4] Being vulnerable is not being able to stare into the mirror. You think it is because of your acne scars but the real reason for this comes from somewhere else.

[5] Like a Margarita or Mai Tai, Others are exotic flavors collected from vacations and captured in drunken Instagram photos or dumb Tweets involving taco bowls or the like.